Stepping into the scene

By Caterina Celada Prior, Intern at ZTC Summer 2019 This summer I moved from the Scottish Glasgow rain to the sunny Brighton to spend an excellent time as intern at Zenzie Tinker Conservation studio, following the first year of the MPhil in Textile Conservation from the University of Glasgow. I have enjoyed my time working […]

Stephen Jones Hats: A Pragmatic Approach to Mounting 160 Objects in 30 Days

By Ania Golebiowska and Jamie Robinson The Royal Pavilion is rather extraordinary; a celebration of styles from across the globe with no discernible links.  The Prince Regent’s ‘Pleasure Palace’ is purportedly the first case of interior design existing outside of architecture.  George IV employed the theatre designer John Nash to transform the grounds during 1815-1820, […]

2018 year round up

We keep thinking things can not get any busier or more exciting work wise and then they do – 2018 has been no exception! This year we have been particularly challenged space-wise as our long term site work teams from Westminster Abbey and Knole came home to roost bringing mountains of equipment back with them […]

2017- Dust and Teamwork

The main themes of this last busy year seem to have been dust and BIG, complex, dirty textiles. Oh and scaffolding. We bought our own scaffold tower this year and then had to buy extensions to make it even taller. The new equipment is great but what makes these big projects possible is the amazing […]

The Scotney Queen of Hearts

For its winter exhibition ‘Inside the Collection’ Scotney Castle celebrates ten years of public access by delving into its own stores for inspiration.  This card-adorned fancy dress costume was recently uncovered in the castle’s costume collection, worn and accumulated by the Hussey family from the late eighteenth century until the house was left to the […]

Falling to Dust

Part two- April 2017 by Zenzie Tinker Once the initial condition survey of the colours was completed, Heather Newton Head of Conservation at Canterbury Cathedral came to the studio to discuss and negotiate the way forwards. We had many competing and sometimes contradictory aspects to consider not least our conservator’s gut instinct to want to […]

Opus Anglicanum

The Victoria & Albert Museums’ latest major exhibition, ‘Opus Anglicanum: Masterpieces of English Medieval Embroidery’ opens on October 1st featuring rare and outstanding examples of ‘Opus Anglicanum’ (English work) from the 12th to the 15th Centuries. The Fishmongers’ Funeral Pall, one of The Worshipful Company of Fishmongers most priceless treasures, is amongst this stunning display. […]

Artificial flowers from 18th century

Artificial flowers from 18th century – Part 2

What you need to conserve artificial flowers? The leaves of the carnations are made of very fine paper and are in a delicate condition. They were gently vacuum cleaned using a soft brush to lift the dust and soil. On one of the carnations, only fragments of the paper strips once wrapped around the stem […]

Artificial Flowers from the 18th century – Part 1

Here is Mira’s blog post on the conservation treatment of some 18th century artificial flowers. Team member Mira first came to the studio from Finland as our ICON-HLF intern in 2014-15. She has since joined us as a conservator and has recently been preoccupied with flowers…….. PART 1 Carnations and roses – artificial flowers from […]