We’re passionate about beautiful display presentation; a well designed display solution is critical to your object’s long term conservation as well as its correct historic interpretation and your aesthetic appreciation.

Our cabinet making workshop was set up in 2009 for the custom production of frames, display mounts and display cases. Supporting our conservation projects in highly practical ways our team have designed and produced a range of simple and more complex solutions for our projects and our clients.

Read our Display conservation story or key word search our Conservation Stories for numerous examples of our display work.

Display services

Our skills range from producing pristine fabric covered display boards to state of the art climate controlled display cases for both modern and historic settings. The latest conservation materials and technology are incorporated into even the simplest designs. Individual objects are also catered for with museum standard framing incorporating the use of UV filtering materials, inert backings and archival supports.

Wherever possible we use ethically sourced materials that comply with current museum standards including low emission timbers, coatings and fixing systems designed to ensure maximum safety for objects on display, travelling or in long term storage.

Storage systems, travelling crates and conservation furniture

Our workshop also design and produce storage systems and traveling crates, many of which can be taken apart and flat packed when not in use.

We can also be commissioned to make items of conservation studio equipment including tapestry frames, tapestry/textile battens and pulleys and shelf units on wheels.