Falling to Dust

Part two – April 2017 Once the initial condition survey of the colours was completed, Heather Newton Head of Conservation at Canterbury Cathedral came to the studio to discuss and negotiate the way forwards. We had many competing and sometimes contradictory aspects to consider not least our conservator’s gut instinct to want to conserve the …

Opus Anglicanum

The Victoria & Albert Museums’ latest major exhibition, ‘Opus Anglicanum: Masterpieces of English Medieval Embroidery’ opens on October 1st featuring rare and outstanding examples of ‘Opus Anglicanum’ (English work)

Crimean War quilt

This bold and colourful military patchwork quilt is from Tunbridge Wells Museum and Art Gallery. It came to our studio for conservation before being loaned to Tate Britain for the recent British Folk Art exhibition. It then returned for another period of display back in Tunbridge Wells Museum.